Basic information:
The village is situated in the middle of the sandstone rocks.
GPS Loc: 50°43'10''N, 14°35'56''E
Height above the sea level : 362 m
Numbert of residents : 171 (2009)
District : Česká Lípa
Bus connection to : NovýBBor, Zákupy

Brief histori : The village of the Slavonic origin was found by Mr. Svojek in the 12th century. The first rememberd owner of the castle in 1370 is Jan Ješek from Svojkov. The most important countryman is Jan z Chlumu called Kepka, who accompenied Mistr Jan Hus to Kostnice. The castle was build up by Adam František from Knobloch during 1650-1664. Since 1750 till 1945 the castle is owned by Kinsky's family. Since 1945 the castle had ben serving as pensioner house. In 1958 the castle burned down. There is the cccchapel of Saint Vaclav from the 18th century.

The Chapel sculpted in the sandstone                                

Ruin of castle


Recreation - sport - trips : The village is protected from nort by mean of bulky sandstone massif, which is ideal fore climbing. On 32 sandstone rock towers you can carry out the climbing from I. up to X. level of spinosity. The signed touristic paths lead to Sloup v Čechách through "Slavíček" hill (535 metres above sea level) and to Svitava through "Tisový vrch" hill (541 metres above sea level).

Sights : After fifteen-minutes walk through the "Prayer Mine" (Modlivý důl) you reach the chapel sculpted in the sandstone rock by the sculptor A. Wagner in 1836. Formerly, there was the wooden chapel in those places. To this chapel the first procession from Česká Lípawas dispatched already in 1772. On an impetus of Kinska countess, the image of Lourd cave together with the sculpture of Saint Marie was given to this rock chapel in 1903. Nowadays, every 1st May the pilgrimage mass to the beginning of the Marian month takes place here. Mostly, the bishop from Litoměřice is participating.